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Covid 19 Gave Me The Chills

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 5/13/2020 to Alternative Music
Covid 19 Gave Me The Chills
I walk around the grocery store, with my 3M N95 mask, smokers cough, freaking out paranoid customers. They think I have the virus. They complain

I overheard one lady say, "That guy gives me the chills !!!". (might have beanz my Lamb dress, high heels, & new green hair dye color)

I crack up because I've spent much of this lock down listening to that New Zealand indie pop band called The Chills. They originally hail from Dunedin, South Island, NZ. Awesome music

Their latest vinyl album Snowbound is beautiful melodic pop, on their OWN label Fire Records. They should get massive press & exposure, butt they're indie i suppose which means they struggle

Also on vinyl is their BBC John Peel sessions, which any John Peel fans will dig, and the Single Burger compilation on audio cassette is excellent value

I spend hours listening 2 vinyl records amidst this lock down

If you haven't heard of The Chills yet, you should really check them out on vinyl or tape

In addition 2 being CoroNA virus sympptoms, The Chills is also great band from way Downunder

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