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Wrap your Box Set of vinyl of records with Cleo paper & put under your Christmas Tree

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 12/17/2019 to Alternative Music
Wrap your Box Set of vinyl of records with Cleo paper & put under your Christmas Tree
One of the top selling products on Current Phonograph is the 7" vinyl records Box Set of The Velvet Underground. These singles recorded from 1966–1969 still prove popular with indie music fans today. This 7 x 7" boxed set makes a great gift, & the only thing better than these records alone, is this boxed set of classics wrapped inside paper Christmas wrap under your Christmas tree along with seasonal greetings

TRACK LISTING on this classic: includes...
Single One: Verve VK-10427 1. All Tomorrow's Parties 2. I'll Be Your Mirror
Single Two: Verve VK-10466 1. Sunday Morning 2. Femme Fatale
Single Three: Verve  VK-10560 1. White Light/White Heat 2. Here She Comes Now
Single Four: Cancelled single 1. White Light/White Heat 2. I Heard Her Call My Name
Single Five: Cancelled single 1. Temptation Inside Your Heart 2. Stephanie Says
Single Six: MGM K-14057 1. What Goes On 2. Jesus
Single Seven: MGM VU-1 1. VU Radio Spot 2. VU Radio Spot

There is millions of Velvet Underground fans around the world, and Gay Murdoch, of Current Phonograph, is one of them. Gay said "I LUV wrapping vinyl records & putting them under my OWN, friends, & family Christmas tree. Vinyl box sets are my favorite, because they make great gifts & wrap well".

Gay went on to recommend quality Cleo thick paper stock rolls, Scotch brand cello tape, & Westcott scissors for greatest ease when wrapping vinyl records as presents. "This way you avoid rips", she said

The Velvet Underground boxed set of 7 x 7" vinyl records singles is available from Current Phonograph


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