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Wot is on my Sony Walkman - Free Weed - Introducing

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 1/19/2020 to Alternative Music
Wot is on my Sony Walkman - Free Weed - Introducing
Let me share with you what is in my Sony Walkman today.

Every afternoon I take a walk around the neighborhood with my headphones on & tape running. I pass men & women wearing Adidas, Beats by Dre, Apple iPod, ghetto blasters on their shoulders, & the occasional hipster, like me, showing off their old school Sony cassette tape players. Exercise 

Today I was listening to an indie pop art band called Free Weed. Their album is called Introducing, released on Burger Records, & it's available here on Current Phonograph.

Free Weed is a heavily synthesized indie pop band, with drum machines, guitar loops (both jangle & distortion), autotune vocals, & lyrics mostly reinforcing wot you would expect their drug related name implies.

When I think of free weed, I tend to think of house grown (you can grow 6 marijuana plants inside the state of California, should bee 7), or more these days as remedies from Medicare, Medical, Medicaid etc as medical Marijuana (legal here in California) has grown in popularity (along with recreational)

Trump has done nothing to end prohibition on federal government level, grant us our freedom, spur up category investment, & ease pain & suffering !!!

Track listing...

Side A)

A1     Free Weed    
A2     Rock On
A3     Tales From The Grip
A4     Light The Night
A5     I'm Free
A6     Marijuana
A7     Slo-Fi

Side B)

B1     Drugs Again
B2     Didn't Wanna Do It
B3     High With Me
B4     Charm
B5     Later
B6     High, Hello, I
B7     In Doors
B8     Drugs On The Moon

It's actually a pretty cool album, grows on you, butt heck, wot would I know, I have grab bar mustache, high heels, & fishnet stockings.

Pick up a copy below

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