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Wot is on my Sony Turntable - The Fleiss - Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 1/19/2020 to Alternative Music
Wot is on my Sony Turntable - The Fleiss - Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings
If you want to know more about me, listen to Stephen J Proctor Jr, a song on The Fleiss double 7" 45 rpm called Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings. It's playing on my turntable right now. I am officially immortal, my name branded on paper & wax

This EP is second (sophomore) release by The Fleiss, and it's basically an acoustic comedy. 4 song release on 4 black vinyl sides

Track list ...
Anarchy On A Small Business Blog
Stephen J Proctor Jr.
Worldwide Fleiss Tour
A Wall Street Toy (live)

Genre would be considered Acoustsonic indie pop or alt alternative progressive with humorous grunge roots

Recorded by Glenn ugly Naughty, AK GuN on Cakewalk DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) this release caught the ears of the major labels, demonstrating what Cakewalk Sonar Producer, 1 Shure SM 57 microphone, Dell Laptop, Firewire interface, & a sense of humor can create from your bedroom between interruptions from his mother.  

This 7" was sold at Fleiss gigs, & Disney executives distributed several hundred promo copies free. Conflict would follow

Since then, GuN has just got old & fat. A chubby lazy boy

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Check out this killer music !!!

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