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When demo tapes get pressed & released as vinyl records

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 10/24/2019 to Alternative Music
When demo tapes get pressed & released as vinyl records
Often times, an artist or band is given their small budget allotment to go out & record their first demo tape. These funds are usually spent on low budget recording studio sessions, or common these days, DAW (Digital Audio Work Station) gear

Traditionally, these demonstration (demo) tapes, are then shopped around to variety of record labels, including major labels, & indie music labels such as Dischord

Generally, the idea is, if a record label bites on your demo, you will then receive additional funding & go ahead & re-record these songs with higher budget professional recording studio, so they're high production value, retail ready, considered quality with accord to main stream standard

Sometimes, an artist or band will sell dubbed demo cassette tape copies directly to the consumer att gigs, & mom & pop retailers. Other times, these demo tapes end up being pressed into vinyl records & sold as vinyl record releases

This is common practice with alternative music such as DC hardcore & indie pop music

Here are a few of my favorite demos tapes that actually got pressed, & sell well as vinyl releases

Fugazi, First Demo, Released 2014 Dischord Records, District of Columbia, DC
Dischord 181
First Demo on 12" vinyl LP

This is Fugazi's first demo tape pressed to vinyl record.
11 songs recorded at Inner Ear Studios in 1988
Features an early recording of their later hit song Waiting Room

Ian MacKaye - vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto - vocals
Joe Lally - bass
Brendan Canty - drums

Track listing...
1. Waiting Room
2. Merchandise
3. Furniture
4. Song #1
5. The Word
6. Badmouth
7. Break-In
8. Turn Off Your Guns
9. And The Same
10. In Defense of Humans
11. Joe #1

Faith, Subject to Change plus First demo
The first demo of Faith was added on Side B of Subject to change LP

Faith, Dischord 172
Subject to Change plus First Demo on 12" vinyl LP

This DC Hardcore album includes a reissue of Faith's 1983 EP "Subject to Change" plus the band's first demo recorded in December 1981. All tracks have been mastered from the original material. Released on September 26, 2011.

n.b. Faith singer Alec MacKaye is brother of Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat / Fugazi)

Alec MacKaye - vocals
Michael Hampton - guitar
Chris Bald - bass
Ivor Hanson - drums
Eddie Janney - Guitar

Track listing...

Side A - Subject to Change)
1. Aware        
2. Say No More        
3. Limitations        
4. No Choice
5. Untitled
6. Subject To Change
7. More Of The Same
8. Slowdown

Side B - First Demo 1981)
9. You're X'd
10. Don't Tell Me
11. In The Black
12. In Control
13. It's Time
14. Another Victim
15. Nightmare
16. Trapped        
17. No Choice        
18. Confusion       
19. What's Wrong With Me

Mastered By
 TJ Lipple

©2011 Dischord Records, District of Columbia, DC

Rites of Spring, Six Song Demo
Dischord 176 Rites Of Spring
Six Song Demo on 10" vinyl record
Six demo sings from Rites of Spring who foundered Emo

The Rites of Spring six song demo was released on Oct 23rd, 2012.

Guy Picciotto - guitar & vocals
Eddie Janney - guitar
Michael Fellows - bass
Brendan Canty - drums

Track listing...
1. End on End        
2. Remainder        
3. Persistent Vision        
4. Hain's Point        
5. All There Is        
6. By Design        

Recorded At Inner Ear
Produced By Ian MacKaye

©2012 Dischord Records

Youth Brigade, First Demo
Dischord 183 Youth Brigade
Complete First Demo on 7" record

California's Youth Brigade's complete first demo, recorded by Don Zientara and Skip Groff at Inner Ear Studios in the summer of 1981.

Vocal - Nathan Strejcek
Guitar - Tom Clinton
Bass - Bert Queiroz
Drum - Danny Ingram

Track listing...       

1. I Object        
2. Full Speed Ahead        
3. Last Word        
4. Moral Majority        
5. Bouncer        
6. Waste of Time        
7. Snow Job        
8. Youth Brigade

©1981 Dischord Records


The Fleiss, I've Disappeared &
The Fleiss, Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings

These 7" 45rpm indie pop records where recorded bi Glen ugly Naughty, GuN, on DAW as an independent artist, mastered on Cakewalk Sonar Producer, & press to vinyl as self release. Proof that DIY is alive & well with alternative music & lo fi

These demonstration tapes are worth too buy on vinyl as they capture the artists independent spirit, lack corporate commercialism that often appears once band is signed, & often rely on weight of song, rather than production quality

...butt...wot would I know...i wear high heel shoes & fishnet stockings...

Check out this killer music !!!

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