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When Big Tobacco influence vinyl album art on vinyl records

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 12/1/2019 to Have A Cigar
When Big Tobacco influence vinyl album art on vinyl records
I often wonder, which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Like art, is media a reflection of society,  or trying to influence society. Inn other words, are musicians trying to promote anti social habits such as smoking cigarettes on their album art.

I searched Current Phonograph alogorhythm, & found several artists with cigarette themed album art

First -  Wet Nurse, Daily Whatever. This is a cool vinyl record from female fronted grunge band out of Orlando Florida on Recess Records. The vinyl jack shows wot looks like an abused beaten female holding cigarette in her hands. Ironically one song is called Heart Attack

Second - An exclusive cassette store day release by hotly-tipped UK electronic duo Giant Swan shows giant cigarette on it's cassette J-card cover. Their music is an acerbic marriage of industrial percussion, abused guitar, hypnotic bass and liberal vocal manipulation on Keck records. Did Big Tobacco influence this giant cigarette album art!

Third - The Fleiss, I've Disappeared. Another female smoking cigarettes dominates this 7" vinyl record cover. Indie Pop, Fleiss singer, Glen ugly Naughty, GuN admits he deposited $100.00 check from R.J Reynolds into his credit union account, influencing his decision of artwork on his 45rpm singles release.

GuN said he spent that money on Yahoo! ads, Jamison Irish Whiskey & carton of Camel cigarettes, something Joe Camel ensured he would already buy anyhow

Glen admit one is complete with cancer denial. Benson & Hedges too

Check out this killer music !!!

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