7" Vinyl Record's Front Jacket Cover
7" Vinyl Record's Front Jacket Cover

Various Artists, Organ Dealer, Invertibrate, Nerve Grind, 7 inch Vinyl Record, EP

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Triple split 7” of Atlantic and West Coast annihilating grindcore and violence. 18 tracks on a 7” black vinyl record on Night Animal Records

Organ Dealer, Montclair, New Jersey
Nerve Grind, San Pedro, California
Invertebrate, Oakland, California

Once it starts it just don’t stop.

New Jersey’s Organ Dealer’s first recorded output since last years full length split with Birdflesh. 6 punk grind tracks ripping flesh from the bone. Punchy thrashy riffs overtop non-stop blasts.

Nerve Grind, from San Pedro, come at you with that old school grindcore vibe. Manic and lo-fi. Vocals like an angry gorilla. Reminiscent of early Napalm Death.

Invertebrate close the record with that Oakland power violence. If this was 98 instead of 2018 these guys would no doubt be on Slap A Ham records. Fast, slow, blasts, samples, punk circle pit thrashness.

For fans of: Nasum, Napalm Death, PLF, Discordance Axis, Noisear, Kill the Client, Suffering Mind, No Less, Plutocracy.

Download included.

Track listing...

    Organ Dealer- Feed
    Organ Dealer- Burn
    Organ Dealer- Remnants
    Organ Dealer- Totality
    Organ Dealer- Contour
    Organ Dealer- Silence
    Nerve Grind- Bow To Nothingness
    Nerve Grind- Existential Significance
    Nerve Grind- Worthless Failure
    Invertebrate- Mindgout
    Invertebrate- Fuckface
    Invertebrate- Good For Nothing
    Invertebrate- Choke
    Invertebrate- The Reckoning
    Invertebrate- Indignant
    Invertebrate- Irish Goodbye
    Invertebrate- Untitled
    Invertebrate- Chump

©2018 Night Animal Records, Tempe, Arizona

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