12" Vinyl Record's Front Jacket Cover
12" Vinyl Record's Front Jacket Cover

Various Artists, Flex Your Head, 12 inch Vinyl Record, Album, LP on Dischord Records

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Dischord 007 Various Artists
Flex Your Head on 12" vinyl

32 songs of punk rock genius

This album's front cover has changed throughout the years and currently features the D.C. Flag stars and bars.

Tracks 1-6, 17-20:

Recorded at
    Hit & Run Studios by Steve Carr

Tracks 24-26:

Recorded at
    C.A.B Studios by Tom Scott

All other tracks:

Recorded at
    Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara

Track listing...
Side 1)

1. Teen Idles: I Drink Milk        
2. Teen Idles: Commie Song        
3. Teen Idles: No Fun        
4. Untouchables: Rat Patrol        
5. Untouchables: Nic Fit        
6. Untouchables: I Hate You        
7. SOA: I Hate The Kids        
8. SOA: Disease        
9. SOA: Stepping Stone Party        
10. Minor Threat: Stand Up        
11. Minor Threat: 12XU        
12. Government Issue: Hey, Ronnie        
13. Government Issue: Lie, Cheat, & Steal        
14. Youth Brigade: Moral Majority        
15. Youth Brigade: Waste Of Time        
16. Youth Brigade: Last Word        

Side 2)

17. Red Sea: Jimi 45        
18. Red C: Pressure's On        
19. Red C: 6 o'clock News        
20. Red C: Assassin        
21. Void: Dehumanized        
22. Void: Authority        
23. Void: My Rules        
24. Iron Cross: Wargames        
25. Iron Cross: New Breed        
26. Iron Cross: Live For Now        
27. Artificial Peace: Artificial Peace        
28. Artificial Peace: Outside Looking In        
29. Artificial Peace: Wasteland        
30. Deadline: Stolen Youth        
31. Deadline: Hear The Cry        
32. Deadline: Aftermath        

Mastered By
    Silver Sonya in 2002

©2002 Dischord Records, District of Columbia, DC

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