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News Release - Join the (Price) resistance on vinyl records

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 2/14/2020 to Vinyl Records
News Release - Join the (Price) resistance on vinyl records
News Release - Retail price of LP vinyl records on Current Phonograph typically range from $15.00-$30.00+ depending on the title. But are customers paying too much!

Glen Naughty, CEO of Current Phonograph thinks so. According to Glen, $10.00 ought be the suggested retail price of most LP's, retailers should earn higher profit margin, & digital streaming subscription services such as Spotify should shut up & shut down their servers.

He likens current vinyl resurgence to Return of the Living Dead.

An outline of Glen Naughty's suggested music selling 7 points plan includes...

  • Reduced retail price points of $10.00 LP., $4.00 7" singes,
  • Higher referral fees media, influencers, & affiliates - 10% commission
  • Higher margins for retailers, 50 points, i.e $10.00 LP would cost $5.00 wholesale
  • Healthy 35 points for wholesale distributors
  • Government manufacturing subsidies i.e (factory savings) for labels
  • Improved 2 Day delivery of United States Postal Service Media Mail
  • 7 countries subsidies for small business exports
LP vinyl records will sell between $8.00-$12.00 with $10.00 being the average price. A double LP would sell for $12.00-$14.00, and 7" singles $2.00-$4.00.

Government manufacturing subsidies will enable vinyl pressing plants to sell at cost of raw materials, and demand will increase with incentivized media, assuming implosition of paid digital subscription services, volume will increase.
Retailers will earn 50% margin on their wholesale cost, enabling them 100% markup

Mail order businesses will better be able to compete with 2 day USPS Media Mail

Small business opportunity creation with 7 countries postal service plan. This plan will enable small businesses  to log 7 countries with the United States Postal Service. Government subsidies will enable these small businesses to receive free shipping on media exports to those 7 countries only.

Glen Naughty believes his plan, if adopted by the music industry, over two years, will boomerang analog vinyl records back into mainstream society, much like the analog watch, generate 7 billion dollars revenue, create jobs, & keep the entertainment industry money inside the United States


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