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Listeners can win free vinyl records

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 9/24/2020 to Music News
Listeners can win free vinyl records
Listeners can win free vinyl records when listening 2 our new Current Phonograph Radio Show

Current Phonograph Radio, hosted by Glen ugly Naughty AK GuN, kicks off Monday 9/28/2020 (September 28th) @ 9PM on

The show's playlist includes indie music you can find here on, such as Jumpstarted Plowhards, Screeching Weasel, F.Y.P and others. A real cool playlist  

Listeners can live stream this show & others on

The show is hosted by Glen ugly Naughty AK GuN, who is singer of The Fleiss, and owner of

Jack, who has his own show called Punk Rock Demonstration has run fifteen years. He is excited about the new addition of  hosting Current Phonograph Radio & has been modernizing his punk rock site

GuN said "Current Phonograph have beanz successfully advertising on with web banners & r now moving into content creation"...or did he...

Links to playlists & updates will bee posted weekly

If you have an opportunity, stream this show. Tons of cool music, it's only 30 minutes, & you can win free vinyl

Thank you for listening



Date: 9/23/2020
bee is spelled wrong

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