12" Vinyl Record's Box Front Jacket Cover
12" Vinyl Record's Box Front Jacket Cover

Robyn Hitchcock, I Wanna Go Backwards Box Set, 8 x 12" Vinyl Records, Album

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Robyn Hitchcock has finally begun the daunting task of compiling his groundbreaking post-Soft Boys solo catalog with the I Wanna Go Backwards box set. The first of two upcoming collections, I Wanna Go Backwards includes three of his most classic albums. Hitchcock's first solo album Black Snake Diamond Role is a private rock album featuring ex-Soft Boys, a Vibrator, a Fur and other friends. I Often Dream of Trains finds Robyn at his all-acoustic zenith with a seminal collection of kaleidoscopic, stripped down folk. Eye continues in the tradition of Trains draping Hitchcock's signature layered lyrical imagery over his most musically direct work to date. All the albums feature bonus tracks and enhanced liner notes: reminiscences (BSDR & WTMB), an excerpt from a novel in progress (Trains), and original poetry (Eye), plus previously unseen photos and Hitchcock cartoons. Additional bonus material includes While Thatcher Mauled Britain Part 1 & 2, a two-disc comprehensive look at a labyrinth of Robyn's largely unreleased solo b-sides, outtakes and home recordings. Black Snake Diamond Role and I Often Dream of Trains have been remastered for this collection.In addition to the exclusive box set packaging, all three albums will also be simultaneously re-released individually, allowing fans to fill the gaps in their Hitchcock compendiums. Individual album versions will also feature the bonus tracks included on the box set versions as well as the enhanced liner notes. In addition to compact disc format the set will also be released in an eight-record vinyl box set version complete with original LP artwork. The combined release of the I Wanna Go Backwards box set and the individual albums that comprise it are the definitive document of a career defining period of creation for one of the worlds most eccentric and beloved singer/songwriters, a must-have for collectors and fanatics alike. This is a limited edition LP, there will only be one pressing of I Wanna Go Backwards on vinyl. Be sure to reserve yours now! All pre-orders of this album come with a free digital version, available in your Stash on release date

Robyn Hitchcock, I Wanna Go Backwards
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
Year: 2007

Track listing...

Black Snake Diamond Role

The Man Who Invented Himself     2:53
Brenda's Iron Sledge     2:52
Do Policemen Sing?     3:32
The Lizard     4:58
Meat     2:58
Acid Bird     4:36
I Watch The Cars     2:19
Out Of The Picture     3:37
City Of Shame     3:14
Love     4:27

I Often Dream Of Trains

Nocturne (Prelude)     1:36
Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl     1:56
Cathedral     3:40
Uncorrected Personality Traits     1:43
Sounds Great When You're Dead     3:20
Flavour Of Night     2:55
Ye Sleeping Knights Of Jesus     3:59
This Could Be The Day     2:44
Trams Of Old London     3:27
Furry Green Atom Bowl     3:15
Heart Full Of Leaves     2:28
Autumn Is Your Last Chance     3:29
I Often Dream Of Trains     2:25
Nocturne (Demise)     1:52


Cynthia Mask    
Certainly Clickot    
Queen Elvis    
Flesh Cartoons    
Chinese Water Python    
Linctus House    
Beautiful Girl    
Raining Twilight Coast    
Clean Steve    
Agony Of Pleasure    
Glass Hotel    

While Thatcher Mauled Britain 1

All I Wanna Do Is Fall In Love     3:45
A Skull, A Suitcase & A Long Red Bottle Of Wine     4:57
It Was The Night     3:33
I Watch The Cars No.2     4:22
Give Me A Spanner Ralph     2:34
It's A Mystic Trip     2:55
Grooving On A Inner Plane     4:10
Happy The Golden Prince     6:40
Winter Love     2:37
The Bones In The Ground     3:06
My Favourite Buildings     2:46

While Thatcher Mauled Britain 2

I Used To Say I Love You     4:30
Chant/Aether     5:24
Heart Full Of Leaves [Alternate]     2:26
I Often Dream Of Trains [Demo]     2:39
Not Even A Nurse     2:29
Slow Chant/That's Fantastic Mother Church     2:10
Traveller's Fare     1:48
Sweet Ghost Of Light     3:07
Transparent Lover     3:33
Queen Elvis II     4:22
Century     2:16
Shimmering Distant Love     3:18
Lovers Turn To Skulls     1:39
The Beauty Of Earl's Court     3:59

While Thatcher Mauled Britain 3

She Reached For A Light     2:36
August Hair     3:53
Take Your Knife Out Of My Back     3:00
Fiend Before The Shrine     2:00
Raymond Chandler Evening [Demo]     1:53
Birdshead     2:50
Victorian Squid     2:26
You've Got     4:04
Captain Dry     2:47
Raining Twilight Coast [Demo]     4:35
Point It At Gran [Demo]     1:58
Vegetable Friend     2:10
Flesh Number 1     2:39
Surgery     2:38

While Thatcher Mauled Britain 4

I Got A Message For You     4:24
If I Could Look     1:09
Parachutes & Jellyfish     3:03
Queen Elvis [Demo]     4:36
September Cones     5:20
Nothing     2:44
Stranded In The Future     3:21
Melting Arthur     3:12
The Abandoned Brain [Demo]     3:28
You're So Repulsive     3:29
Insect Mother     1:43
Opiatrescence     3:54

While Thatcher Mauled Britain 5

Lovely Golden Villains     3:05
Dr. Sticky (Live)     3:09
Toadboy     3:48
Trash     2:48
Pit Of Souls (Country Version)     5:55
Mr. Deadly     4:12
Let There Be More Darkness     2:55
Listening To The Higsons     2:43
College Of Ice     3:40
My Favourite Buildings [Demo]     3:10
Lightplug     1:38
Sleeping Knights Of Jesus [Demo]     4:12
I Wanna Go Backwards     3:44

©2007 Yep Roc Records, Los Angeles, California, United States

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