12" Vinyl Record's Front Jacket Cover
12" Vinyl Record's Front Jacket Cover

Government Issue, Boycott Stabb Complete Session, 12 inch Vinyl Record, Album, LP on Dischord Records

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Government Issue
Dischord 166
Boycott Stabb Complete Session on 12" vinyl

When Government Issue recorded Boycott Stabb in November 1982 they initially tracked 20 songs, including several older previously recorded songs. The band had been through a major line-up change and finally decided only to release only the newest songs. The outtakes have remained un-mixed and unreleased until now. Side A of this 12" LP features the original 'Boycott Stabb' songs and Side B features the outtakes

Track listing...

Side 1)        

1. Hall Of Fame         
2. Hour Of One         
3. G.I.         
4. Puppet On A String         
5. Sheer Terror         
6. Happy People         
7. Lost In Limbo         
8. Plain To See         
9. Party Line         
10. Here's The Rope         
11. Insomniac

Side 2)
12. Fashionite         
13. Religious Ripoff         
14. Asshole         
15. No Rights         
16. No Way Out         
17. Twisted Views         
18. Snubbing         
19. Teenager In A Box         
20. Bored To Death         
21. Georgetown Blues         

Produced By
    Ian Mackaye

©1982 Dischord Records, District of Columbia, DC

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