Cassette tape front cover
Cassette tape front cover

F.Y.P, Toilet Kids Bread, Music Cassette Tape, Album

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F.Y.P is a classic skate punk band from San Pedro, California. Their front man, Todd Congelliere, also plays on Clown Sounds and other indie rock bands

F.Y.P, Toilet Kids Bread on Recess Records, Cassette, Album


Track listing...

Side A)

A1     Heathen Like Me    
A2     Beat You With A Plunger    
A3     All Grown Up    
A4     Noxema      
A5     New York City    
A6     One Lump Or Two    
A7     Apathy And Me    
A8     Audrea Lee    

Side B)

B1     Smartest Schmuck On Earth    
B2     Dispose Me    
B3     Piss On Rye    
B4     Raw Potere    
B5     Hermit    
B6     Sweetening Your Gas Tank    
B7     Drown A Metermaid    
B8     Die Young    

Released on solid yellow cassette with black ink printing, with black and clear norelco cassette case.

©1996 Recess Records, San Pedro, California

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