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Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store is an online vinyl record store & music blog whose origins stem from Orange County, California (near at&t building, Rite Aid, Ford Motor Company, Downtown Disney, California Adventure Park, Knott's Berry Farm, & art gallery etc. Across the street from Allstate insurance, just southwest of Sesame Street, if you've knowledge of that general area)

The launch of this site from owner Glen ugly Naughty, a.k GuN, early 2019, supplies music fans with an informative focus, riveting read, with spotlight shine on indie pop, indie rock, & alternative hardcore underground music

GuN, whose real name is Glen Richard, is also an artist & musician himself, thus his own recorded materials selling on this site, not Amazon. Glen Naughty is known among underground clicks countrywide as one of 1990's top grunge bass players & singer. Now moving forward into 21st century punk rock, as eCommerce pioneer, Disc Jockey & indie music video blogger / news reporter

Most vinyl records sold on this site however source from indie music distributors & record labels


After falling down an elevator shaft, on University of California Los Angeles campus, Real Life Glen Richard was diagnosed with broken bones, one rare form of Schizophrenia & suffers from paranoid delusion. His Therapist has revealed this warning sign: A Confirmation of depression with suicidal tendencies. He now takes prescription medication. His psychiatrist said he can't work, so has no job, no cure, no hope, & takes the view of Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store as his new hobby lobby

As therapy, he reserved currentphonograph.com on namecheap, host plan on 3dcart, turned on his Android phone, evaluated funding options, & started looking into wholesale distribution suppliers

Update. Bad News. Federal government agents, from Social Security Disability, deny his benefits hearing, his God given naturalized citizen right. The Mission, he will make them pay, right that wrong along with the launch of Universal healthcare

Products Sold

12" LP vinyl records - new condition

*Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store supply new vinyl records only, not used. If you want that shit, look up Second Spin or find your local bricks & mortar record store

Customer Benefits

10 X Rewards
Free shipping on orders over $50 USA
Excellent customer service
Unique original content
Privacy assured


The Office of our small business mail order system, pickup, truck, train, warehouse, box, pack, & ship phonograph recordings via United States Postal Service. Domestic delivery of our prerecorded physical media is nationwide, coast to coast from Pacific, Atlantic & everywhere in-between. International delivery is available worldwide

Popular postage national geographic regions include town & country city group destinations within geography of United States: Texas, New York City, Oregon, Sacramento, Atlanta, Cleveland, New Orleans, Henderson, Nevada, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Detroit, Michigan, Wisconsin, Phoenix, San Diego, Boston, Alaska, Nashville, District of Columbia, DC, Guam, & Puerto Rico etc.

plus international first class destinations of

Canada - Vancouver, Yellow Knife, Montreal, New Brunswick
United Kingdom - London, Bristol, Scotland, Wales
Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, South Australia, Perth
New Zealand -Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin
South Africa - Johannesburg, Sun City, Victoria Falls
English language speaking parts of India - Bombay, Taj Mahal
& Moore

We're also Big in Japan & our OWN backyard


Startup money is provided courtesy of Stephen J Proctor Jr, an activist billionaire who maid his money investing in & out of Blockbuster video. God only know how many investments this avid trannie shark has under his belt. With an impressive portfolio of mutual funds, Roth IRA, stocks, & bonds, this wealthy individual can now donate his monthly Social Security Administration check as seed money into risk, as his private placement investment assets grow. Stephen took his Social Security benefits early, Age 63

Stephen is big fan of vinyl records

As of date, this injection from Stephen, money from friends, plus one Small Business Administration loan, raised enough initial capital 2 buy hot of the press inventory from our wholesale distributor partners, & open the doors five years ahead of schedule

Employees / Staff

Will Floyd, A cool cat, is our WordPress blogger. He writes our music news blog called "Have A Cigar". Experts with text, image, audio file, film, tape, magazines, newspapers, &

Stanley Freeman is our newspaper press agent. In addition 2 sending out news releases, fielding nosy reporters intrusions, conducting press conference, putting out fire, crisis control, & deciphering fake news from real, he is also an independent musician, current phonograph recorder plus bugle champion & defender of various Guinness Book of World Records world cup titles

If Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store sell enough vinyl records online, with high volume, bigger selection, & when industry margins improve, Stanley Freeman quoted The New York Times saying "they can rent commercial real estate, & open their own bricks & mortar store too." Meanwhile it's pop up merch booth & here too

Code name " #7 " is our Philosophy of Language teacher & guide. A former Secret Service agent turned anonymous FOX News conspiracy tipster. Classified. He She runs our 3dcart server from his her Los Angeles house basement ++ conducts Yahoo! search, optimus local loop, research & development, all from it's wired cars haunted garage parks. Spooky. Scream !!! LOL. Does that even make sense

Mary Kay has an impressive resume. She works as volunteer with disabled workers teaching them Customer Relationship Management data mining skills on Goldmine. Her real jobs with Disney, licensing trademark intellectual property with multi national businesses & US manufacturers. She also reports trademark, patent, & copyright infringements with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, who coordinate with her prior their sting. Although she earns several hundred grand per year, she donates most of her money 2 The Church, homeless, & charity         

Harley Ryder
Dr. Bruce MacApple A.S, B.A, Phd - Green Goat - Promotions manager
George Berkeley
Bruce John Deere
Conspiracy Jobs

all staff r die hard Radio nuts

Employee Benefits

All Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store employee's receive equal living wage of one hundred grand, regardless of their position. Division of labor is spread across the board. Weather you're Janitor, pick an order, sweep floor, account executive, truck driver, or Chief Executive Officer, pay is same. One Hundred Grand

Federal & state income taxes is subtracted, plus 4% of your union payday is subtracted from Local Airbus A220-100

Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store take great pride & think different. Trump our competition. i.e. Local workers receive privacy, & their OWN restroom if nature calls whilst picking orders. Full pay is still paid & disciplining withheld

Employees can SNAP, sit 'n sleep in safety, blaze, party, play music, dance, sing, mosh, pogo, XBOX, NBC, watch live TV, & recline from their desk on their La-Z-Boy chair as management secures government subsidies that pays the bill


Fleet of Cars

All employees up & down totem pole receive free access of company cars or truck from our fleet

Our current fleet includes employee choices of ...

  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Ranger Pickup
  • Ford Taurus
  • Dodge Charger
  • Volkswagon Jetta
  • Hyundai Accent
  • Kia Optima

Management can can opt in drive

  • BMW 745i
  • Cadillac
  • Lexus
  • Lamborghini
  • Tesla

Rolls Royce is reserved & available 4 Chiefs only

Harley Davidson Motorcycles available with arrangement. Those who prefer no car, & like the wind & the breeze in their hair

Road Warrior. If you're planning weekend road trip, employees can check out our company Winnebago with reservations.

Subsidized gasoline with Chevron or British Petroleum employee gas cards provided free of charge

Please pick up your keys from Suzuki Lee Kawasaki, our fleet program manager


They also receive free Maxwell House coffee, Starbucks coffee, plus eat free catering of breakfast & lunch every day. Wine & dine. Popular free meal tickets include Heinz Baked Beanz on toast, bowl of Progresso Soup, egg Benedict, Burger King takeaways, Dunkin Donuts, Green Giant, Apple pie, Pizza Hut, Chiquita bananas, Italian, Fresh Express salad, well done beef Wellington, Snapper, roast Tyson chicken, Spam, Russet Idaho Potatoes, plus full array of healthy choice vegetarian & vegan dish recipes including Soy Bean Tofu Surprise

Employees can bring pets such as dog & cats, with complimentary kennels & toys. Whiskers, Pedigree, & Beggin' Strips served up with regular diners as long as they're trained. Owners must clean up their mess as required

Single mothers can bring their kids & breast feed openly too. As long as they change their babies Huggies, & makeup lost productivity

Victims of rape, gun shot wounds, battered women, spousal abuse, cyber bullying, child molestation, child abuse, assault, educational beat down, & other crimes against humanity have found employment here too

Employee Phone Benefits

All employees receive free Samsung Android phone plus unlimited minutes & data from their choice of wireless carrier below

  • Verizon Wireless
  • T-Mobile
  • Metro PCS
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Sprint PCS
  • Vodaphone
  • Telecom
at&t analog secure fixed line phone on each desk

Long distance phone cards are also available as well as at&t pay phone quarters

Employees should ring bell when contacting HR

Employee Open Carry & Concealed Weapon Guidelines

Because of Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store's compassionate nature, many mentally ill patients may occupy the office space & warehouse. Although unlikely, this could potentially represent danger

Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store also respect your second amendment rights, which is Y! we encourage all employees contact the police about your concealed weapons permit & open carry

It's Self defense only

Therefore, Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store judge that all employees with legal licensing, permit, training, & desire may openly carry small arms or conceal weapons on their body or person. This is 4 your OWN safety

If you have concerns about your safety, require financial aid, or your simply confused, contact management about our free Standard Issue Magnum 45, Revolver, & Glock program

Human Resources have coupons with 10% off membership The Gun Club & other gunning activities

Cover your ASP

Dress Code

Jewellery, hair, apparel, shoes, grooming, smell


Global Warming - environment
Asteroids - NASA money
Amazon Suck - environment - A forest, rivers, banks, Peru, dead parrot, stones, stoner, dry docs, Bing, Black Labrador, Chargers, Angels, Clippers, Kings, The Sun, Mammoth, reservations, Sealey, tree, rain, wet ones, farmers, jobs, Southern Death Cult, welcome to the jungle, charango,ocarina, panpipes, flute, SOS, A Current Affair, Head & Shoulders, Spinal Tap, filmmaker, movie, story
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - common sense - no nuclear power
ALF - Animal Liberation Front - Animal rights
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender - Hunan rights
Illegal Immigration - Build The Wall, James Bond


This site works well because Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store offers competitive pricing, rewards our customers, & supply fast company turnaround on all your vinyl record needs. Plan on being human personified delight


In addition, Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store is reliable, secure, honest, & operate with an amazing high degree of business ethics. You can rest assured you have piece of mind when ordering your favorite tunes & sounds

Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store only write about, audio record, document, video, & sell music on vinyl that fans enjoy. You can share many great times, artists, labels & bands that you can invest with ... when you are here

Tell your friends. Take a look around.


Vinyl records make great gifts other music fans adore. You can gift wrap them with wrapping paper, make them the birthday party favorites, put them under your Christmas tree as presents ... or ... you can buy titles 4 yourself as you build your own vinyl record collections. Christ, anyone who says otherwise is Micky Mouse

Consumers have spoken. They prefer tangible goods from an independent retailer source plus hard hitting indie journalism that represents the truth. Fake news, & The Pretenders that publish lies can go hang !!! Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store get into the gap filling that Target niche

Read Current Phonograph - Vinyl Records Store's A Treatise on Philosophy of Vinyl Records