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7 Vinyl record covers that double as Halloween Decorations

Posted by Stephen J Proctor Jr on 10/6/2019 to Vinyl Records
7 Vinyl record covers that double as Halloween Decorations
Halloween is just around the corner October 31st,  & everybody is busy decorating their haunted house for the party. In addition to costumes, candy, & decorative accessories, Halloween music is big with music fans. With tons of selection of alternative & gothic tunes, collectors of vinyl records can double down & display their spooky album art as decorations. They just fit the occasion & look killer.

You can hang your vinyl records from the wall with pins, frame them, prop them up near the shill spiked punch, or place them just about anywhere your friends & family can view them.

Here is a list of album art ideal for Halloween decorations. The music is great too, so dust of your record players.

Bauhaus, Bela Legosi's Dead 12" EP. Classic English Gothic song about Hollywood horror actor Bela Legosi. Bela Legosi played legendary golden years 1931 role as Count Dracula plus stars in Invisible Ghost, Son of Frankenstein, Plan 9 from Outer Space, & other Hollywood horror movies. Album art on Bela Legosi's Dead depicts Dracula's bat. A great song, cool 12" EP, & ideal artwork as Halloween decoration

Various Artists, Return of the Living Dead movie soundtrack LP. Vinyl record includes music from The Cramps , 45 Grave, T.S.O.L., The Damned, & others. Album art depicts spooky zombies around grave site. An LP ideal for Halloween.

Clown Sounds, Preacher Maker. Halloween is written all over this album cover with LP artwork that depicts frightened Sunday afternoon drivers terrorized by an evil creepy clown. Great alternative pop music too

Mood of Defiance, In a Box 7". A frightening burning cross dominates this cool 7" record

City Mouse, Get Right. This Cartoon graveyard scene LP cover is an ideal Halloween decoration. Album art depicts singer Miski Dee Rodriguez yawning inside graveyard. She is surrounded by her guitar, shovel, & tombstone. Cool female fronted band too

Crusades, The Sun is Down & the Night is Riding In. This really cool album is on It's Alive Records, Orange, California. LP album art depicts a choir singing hymns. It's Erie feel may reflect real life medieval times Crusades, where spreading the word of God includes murder with bloodshed of sword & spears

Dwarves, Free Cocaine. This controversial grunge album rocks. Creepy album art depicts cult like villains with mask & dagger who threaten their victims. Killers

GG Allin & The Murder Junkies, Brutality and Bloodshed for All. Definitely the most controversial album cover on this list. LP Album art depicts GG fucking a bloody mutilated corpse. X rated & pretty gross, even on Halloween night

Of course, Halloween is only complete with plentiful Make Up & get your Scream on, turned up full volume

Halloween is fun, & decorating your haunted abode with vinyl record album art, is a great idea


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